PSI offers a variety of products and services compiled together to add value for your guests.

Safe - offering security to the hotel guests during their stay by the pool. The safe is accompanied with a waterproof electronic key pad that secures personal items of the guests.

Call Button - used by the guest, the call button will alert the hotel food and beverage staff, this is achieved by our patented WIFI system which transmits to our DBS system in the Food and Beverage area. When a specific PoolSafe button is pressed, this PoolSafe alerts the kitchen staff.

USB charging port for electronic accessories - charging is generated through the built in solar panel to guest's electronic devices. Charge your phone, camera, iPad or any other electronics.

Storage compartment - complimented with a flip lid, this offers guests a place to put minor items for storage. Offering a place to put necessities that are not required for a safe but will still compliment the pool experience by keeping them out of the sun.

Cup holders - 3-cup holders will be available on each PoolSafe product that will offer a spill spout that will allow condensation to drain off the side.

Advertising - Pool Safe Inc provides an attractive revenue opportunity. Pool Safe Inc can wrap the unit with vinyl advertizing. Pool Safe Inc, with premium world class brands, can conveniently manage your advertising needs and generate revenue for your Hotel or Resort.