• The overall aesthetics have been integrated to complement various hotel environments
• Safe has been designed to look modern, sleek, “sexy”, robust and easy to use
• To create a simple and clean look for advertising wraps
​• The surface top of the PoolSafe has been created to act as a table top

PoolSafe™ is a new and innovative product that will add safety, convenience and peace of mind for your guests.
Conveniently located alongside pool lounge chairs, PoolSafe is a unique way of providing your guests with a comforting sense of security for their belongings, while they enjoy your hotel. resort or cruise ship.  Guests are reluctant bringing expensive belongings to the pool, and are reminded of how dangerous it can be to leave these items unattended. PoolSafe gives a strong sense of security to your guests. Strategically located near pools, PoolSafe offers a unique concept with targeted customization. Named after its best feature “PoolSafe” is an exclusive product that offers security, convenience and guest services all bundled into one unit.